Here you can download Back Home In Concert Posters to customize. Available either as an image file or pdf. To download, right click on the links below the image. back-home-in-concert-window-poster.jpg back-home-in-concert-window-poster.pdf” - Back Home

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Quote:"You will not want to miss them in concert, as they have won Favorite Duo twice and have been nominated for numerous awards from Singing News, SGN Scoops, and Christian Voice, along with many others."  back-home-scoops-digital-magazine-article.pdf” - Tina Wakefield

SGN Scoops Digital

Quote: "While the singers have mastered the delivery of gospel standards, the great majority of their repertoire consists of original songs, often written by Jimmy and Jennifer. They feel strongly that the music they share should offer hope, help, and inspiration to the hearers. Those who hear them testify that that’s the case Evangel_Back_Home.pdf” - Bill George

Church of God Evangel Magazine

Below are several letters of recommendations for the singing ministry of Back Home. Right click to download: Bishop_Hill_Recommendation_Letter_as_General_Overseer.pdf Back_Home_Recommendation_Letter_-_North_Cleveland_Church_of_God.pdf State_Overseer_TN_Mitchell_Corder_Recommendation_Letter.pdf  ”

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Freedom Church of God

Freedom Church of God, FM 514, Emory, TX


Pathway International Church of God

Pathway International Church of God, 3805 SE Loop 286, Paris, TX


The Word @ Lakeside Church of God

The Word @ Lakeside Church of God, 9396 Confederate Park Rd, Lakeside, TX

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