Please allow me to recommend to you and your church the music ministry of Jimmy and Jennifer Layne, also known as Back Home.  Their marvelous gift of songwriting combined with their most enjoyable and anointed singing ability provides for a wonderful experience in the presence of the Lord.  They have my full endorsement and recommendation."  Dr. Tim Hill - General Overseer of the Church of God” - Dr. Tim Hill - General Overseer of the Church of God
They sing "real life" songs ”

— Paula Hill (wife of Bishop Tim Hill)

It is my privilege to recommend Back Home to you!  Jimmy and Jennifer Layne are the real deal!  When you blend their incredible voices with Jimmy's masterful musicianship and Jennifer's prolific songwriting, it creates an amazing combination.  However, what really makes Back Home unique is that they have a special ability to effectively blend their anointed testimonies and ministry with their gifted singing.  In my opinion, there are very few who can do what they do with such excellence.  You and your congregation would be blessed encouraged by the ministry of Back Home! David and Kim Smith- Oak Park Church of God, Mobile, AL (Bishop David Smith is Back Home's Ministry Pastor)” - Bishop David Smith

— Oak Park Church of God - Mobile, AL

Jimmy and Jennifer (Back Home) are the real deal!  In a world where many other singers and performers are manufactured by labels and managers to achieve fame and fortune via a watered down message, they are a breath from heaven.  They deliver the truth of God in their songs and are both clearly in love with Jesus on and off the stage.  I've recorded with them and have also booked them into my church to perform at all of our services.  Their ministry was a huge blessing to our congregation.  I can recommend their ministry without hesitation. ” - Bruce Carroll - Multiple Grammy and Dove Winning Artist
Jimmy and Jennifer Layne are two of the most talented and anointed people I know.  I have been services where the spirit of God fell as they sang and lead folks into a place of worship.  They're both friends of mine.  But, my love for them is their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, above the praise of men.  Just when you think and act has shown you everything they have only to see them again and be more impressed than you were before.  To me that will tell you two things, their hearts are in it and they believe in what they sing about.  I love Jennifer and Jimmy, you will too! Marty Raybon of the Country Music Group Shenandoah ” - Marty Raybon- Country Music Group Shenandoah
We have had the opportunity to worship with Back Home on multiple occasions over the years. During this time I have got to know Jimmy and Jennifer Layne as my personal friends. There are many attributes that I could share about this couple, however I feel the most important is their heart for God and His people. You will see their heart for God in the songs that the write and share with congregations all across the nation. You will see their heart for Gods people in the authentic presentation of the gospel in song. The focus is not on "putting on a show" but it is to share from their hearts a Holy Spirit inspired song to minister to the real life issues of the lives present. Lastly, and most importantly Jimmy and Jennifer are Christians, and to me you can't get any higher compliment in this world as to be known as a follower of Christ. I recommend Back Home to you and any congregation without reservation. Pastor Greg Strickland Northport Church of God” - Pastor Greg Strickland - Northport Church of God, Northport, AL
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." Galatians 5:6 (NIV). Back Home, through their music, communicate the genuine love they have for Christ and people of all walks of life. They will reach out to you and the people you love, and I am certain Back Home will be loved by you! Pastor Dee McGuire, Greensboro Baptist Church Alabama  ” - Paul D. McGuire, III

— Pastor, Greensboro Baptist Church

Jimmy and Jennifer Layne are both wonderfully talented musicians and singers and wonderful people as well. Their ministry gives hope and light to people of all faiths. I am proud to be involved with them on their recordings and the producing of their records.  They have a special way of delivering intense messages through their music.  They've lived what they sing about.  Wonderful Christians, singing wonderful music. Jeff King - Producer of Back Home” - Jeff King – Nashville Session Musician/Currently Touring with Reba McEntire
Back Home's music and ministry is as real and honest as it gets...just what people need to hear! Tammy Rogers King - (of the Grammy Winning Group The Steeldrivers)” - Tammy Rogers King (of Grammy Winning Group The SteelDrivers)
Not only are Jimmy and Jennifer Layne gifted singers, but they've both lived through trials and struggles which has given them front row seats to witness God's power, provision, wisdom, and grace, first hand. That kind of life experience is expressed in their ability to deliver vocal performances with deep sincerity and conviction. Chris Latham - Grammy Winning Engineer and Back Home Producer” - Chris Latham - Grammy Winning Engineer and Back Home Producer
Refreshing best describes the ministry of Back Home.  O yes, unique, gifted, and anointed. You won't be sorry you made the call. " Bishop Michael Cleghorn, Senior Pastor of Quaker Ave. Church of God, Lubbock, Texas.” - Pastor Michael Cleghorn - Senior Pastor, Quaker Ave Church of God, Lubbock, TX

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