Bishop Tim Hill - - General Overseer of the Church of God

Tim Menzies - - Great friend and ministry that we highly recommend for your church.

Bruce Carroll - - Wonderful friend of ours that your church would enjoy.

Pastor David Smith - - Back Home's ministry pastor.

Marty Raybon - - Wonderful ministry friend that your church would enjoy!

Chris Latham - -  Back Home producer - Finest in the business


Upcoming Concerts

  • Sep 22
    Vandiver Church of God,  Vandiver
  • Sep 22
    Adamsburg Community Church,  Fort Payne
  • Sep 29
    Soperton Church of God,  Soperton
  • Oct 6
    Living Word Church of God,  Bonham
  • Oct 20
    Skyline Church of God,  Skyline

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